'Can I have four Sambuca?', she shouted at the barman, boozy and cockeyed. Struggling to hawk up the letters and frame words, and then tie them up into a meaningful, yet, easy sentence, completely sloshed. A slender brunette, glided her head into the frame, holding her friend by the shoulder, smiling and then quickly disappearing … Continue reading Cringe.


I sit right here and look ,as time passes by, feeling weird and lonely, in this abyss of negligence and cynical means. I try to hold on to the latch of the flying horse, as it passes by, over the funeral pyres, carcasses bleating over their libertine. I look below and try to find me, … Continue reading Castaway

Chime of the wailing.

They sit out alone, far from the bustling wind. The crowd moves afar, mired in their anxieties, who look behind for their selfish needs, but turn their back for the needless souls. Hollowed eyes and featureless souls, they sit alone for someone's effortless hand, which comes only when they pant. See, feeble souls who stand … Continue reading Chime of the wailing.

The intangible virtue.

The city was scintillating with an array of lights. The night was mesmerized by the lights that it forgot to close the veil, instead it opened it's hands and embraced the mood of festive. All the people were indulged in their fantasies in this day of ephemeral happiness. Children filled with joy, adults brimming with … Continue reading The intangible virtue.