Sipping his cold black coffee, he glanced outside. The sun was beginning to change it's surveillance to the other side of the world. He thought about his children and wife. The thought he hadn't called her in the afternoon made him feel guilty. He had a lot of work to do that day, and was … Continue reading Him.



What happened to the myriad gems and jewels? This was not what I imagined it to be. What happened to the attire that attracted a million eyes? This isn't how I dressed you to be. What happened to the hair style in which you were a prince? This doesn't look like my prince. What happened … Continue reading Untitled

Chime of the wailing.

They sit out alone, far from the bustling wind. The crowd moves afar, mired in their anxieties, who look behind for their selfish needs, but turn their back for the needless souls. Hollowed eyes and featureless souls, they sit alone for someone's effortless hand, which comes only when they pant. See, feeble souls who stand … Continue reading Chime of the wailing.

The intangible virtue.

The city was scintillating with an array of lights. The night was mesmerized by the lights that it forgot to close the veil, instead it opened it's hands and embraced the mood of festive. All the people were indulged in their fantasies in this day of ephemeral happiness. Children filled with joy, adults brimming with … Continue reading The intangible virtue.


You ever read the creepypasta The Smiling man?. Then, you wouldn't have forgotten the creepy, eerie smile of that strange man. That smile, so disturbing, yet luring. That smile, which freezes you, unable to move, lured by his haunting unearthly smile. You wouldn't have forgotten that smile. It is not that easy to forget such … Continue reading It!.